Bowzee Wowzee

Pet Daycare and Lodging

Hours of Operation:


Monday – Friday 730 – Noon or 3-7pm

Saturday 730-5pm

Sunday 730-5pm


Monday – Friday 9-Noon or 3-7pm

Saturday 10-5pm

Sunday   10-5pm


front lobby welcome

Your pet's comfort matters to us!

At Bowzee Wowzee, we are focused on providing quality services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Below are a few feature we offer that puts our facility above the rest!

  • Each individual room is made from acrylic walls, not cinder block or wire cages.
  • Floors are tile and not concrete or cement
  • Entire facility is climate controlled at cozy levels for all seasons.
  • Fully ventilated with industrial ceiling fans. 
  • UV lights are also installed on the ceiling to kill bacteria in the air.
  • All dogs have 4 outdoor play dates per day with other pets his or her size. If they require special needs to go out alone, we are able to accommodate. 
  • We offer all guests several grooming services during their stay.

All Forms Needed for their stay are linked below: Please Print and fill them out and drop them off with your pet.