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116 Massey St. Fort Mill, SC

Our Misson

Bowzee Wowzee opened January 1, 2006. Since then we have grown tremendously, installing state of the art kennels by "The Mason Company "for the comfort of your pet. Our new kennels are roomier, providing additional space for our guests, as well as being a solid acrylic plastic vs a metal cage or cinder block and or concrete. This is all done for their comfort and safety. 

At Bowzee Wowzee, our care is above the norm. We make every effort to provide our guests a safe, comfortable, climate controlled, place to stay, play and rest.

We provide our guests filtered water; UV lighting are installed in the air handler to zap bacteria and germs; throughout the kennel we have air purifiers for a cleaner environment.

Our guests are our main focus, we love them, plain and simple. When a guest arrives, we make sure they feel welcome and loved.
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